Lighting Packages
We offer all types of lighting effects from LEDs to Intelligent lighting Scans (moving heads), Accent Lighting and Lasers. Our lighting effects can help create the perfect Atmospher

Our Basic Lighting Package includes 2 muliti colored LED Lights with sound activated motion. These lights are low voltage and are great for smaller events. These move to the beat of the music.

Our Intelligent Lighting Package is optional. These 250watt beams are design to scan, pan, tilt in 360 degrees with bright vibrant colors. Includes 4 moving heads which are programmed via DMX control board with many effects, strobs, scenes and chases with color themes and designs from atmospher to heavy club effects to accenting. These lights are high voltage and can be use with any custom gobo. Custom gobos can project names, text, logos and images.

Lighting Trusses, Lighting Stands, Disco Balls, Smoke Machines and Bubble Machines are also available. Please check with Venue if smoke machines are permitted.

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